Discover the Conventino’s Menu by our Chef Jimi Baldazzi

Menu à la carte

St. Valentine’s Day Menù

14th of February 2020

Menu à la carte


Cold cuts of Tuscan Salami

Pienza’s Pecorino, Mixed Crostini, Black Truffle’s Honey, Coccoli (fried pizza dough)

€ 22,00


Squid filled with Tomato mousse slightly spicy Peas cream, black Bread croust and “Air of Anchovies”

€ 20,00


Chicken liver Mousse in Vin Santo jelly On Cream of Prunes and Nuts

€ 18.00


Pigeon’s Breast with Carrot cream and Anise, Asparagus and Rosemary

€ 18.00



Mixed Salad

Insalata verde, Pomodorini, Radicchio, Carote, Finocchio e Indivia

€ 12.00


Tolomei Salad

Green salad, Cherry Tomatoes, Capers from Pantelleria, Taggiasca Olives, Tuna, Boiled Egg and Onion with Tolomei EVO Olive Oil

€ 14.00


Menu à la carte

First Courses

Home-made Ravioli filled with Tomato soup, Burrata-cheese Fried Anchovies and Basil

€ 25.oo

Spaghetti Pasta with Lettuce cream, Clams, Lime, Basil bread and Bottarga

€ 25.00

Pici Tuscany pasta with Pigeon ragout, Pecorino-Cheese froth, Artichoke salad, Raspberries

€ 25.00

Risotto with Beet, Blue cheese
Pears and Rosemary

€ 22.00

Pasta ragout Bolognese or Tomato sauce

€ 16,00

Vegetable Soup

€ 16,00


Menu à la carte

Main Courses

Signature of the Chef

Lamb entrecote with Lard crust

Couliflower Cream Sautéed Chard and Blueberry Sauce

€ 30,00


Pork fillet with wild Fennel, braised Endive, white Grape

€ 26.00

Salmon low temperature cooked, Fennel and Licorice cream, roasted Aubergine with Thyme

€ 30,00


Turbot fish with roasted Artichoke foam and dehydrated Raspberries

€ 30,00

Florentine T-Bone Steak (fresh availability only)

With Rosemary’s roasted Potato and grilled vegetable

€ 65.00 per kg


All main-courses are served with their matched season side-dishes, it may vary depending on the availability of fresh ingredients.


Menu à la carte


Hamburger of Basil chantilly cream, Fresh Fruits and Licorice

€ 12.00

Orange Vulcan with Cherry and Liquor Vanilla Ice-cream

€ 12.00


Chianti wine Parfait, Peers with Cinnamon Quenell of Ricotta-cheese and Honey

€ 12.00

Tiramisu decomposed

€ 12.00

Fresh Fruit of the Season

€ 12.00

Homemade ice cream, assorted flavors

€ 12.00

Special Menù 

St. Valentine’s Day

Welcome Aperitif

08:00 pm


 Homemade Smoked Salmon Bruschetta

 Tuna, Sesame and Caper Canapé mousse

 Pearls of Cod on Arrabbiata Sauce

 Peppered Mussels

 Pacchero stuffed with Sea Bass Tartare and Cauliflower Cream


Candlelight Dinner

09:00 pm


 Moscardini and Black Cabbage Soup

 Saffron Risotto with Mussels and Strawberries

 Brill, King Prawn, Datterini tomatoes, Vegetable Brunoise and Lemongrass scent

 White Coffee Semifreddo with Chocolate Crumble and Wild Berry Sauce


€ 80,00 per person (water, house wine and coffee included).



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