Il Conventino a Marignolle products are self-produced with respect for the territory. Wines, oils and other fruits of the earth are the excellent products of Tuscany.


Villa Tolomei produces a range of high quality white and red wines. Excellent to enjoy the delicious dishes of Tuscan cuisine, excellent to accompany the varied dishes of our Chef.

Extravirgin Olive oil

Tuscany is one of the major olive oil production centers and Villa Tolomei with its hectares of olive groves actively participates. The extra virgin olive oil we produce at Villa Tolomei is IGP.

Vegetable garden

The Conventino’s local vegetable garden is the basis for a high-quality cuisine at kilometer 0. sustainability and respect for the territory are the fundamentals of our culinary proposal.

The Wines of Il Conventino a Marignolle

The best Tuscan wines

The color and fragrance of our wines is synonymous with the firm character of our company while the secret ingredient of their success is passion. Our respect for tradition and the environment together with love for the territory and for the best processing techniques make these wines, of our own production, particularly valuable.

Discover the wine list


Red wine is certainly among the best know italian wines and at Villa Tolomei the importance of having and giving visibility to such a prestigious local product was agreed. Our is a wine characterized by an intense color and a deep aroma.


A must on the wine list of the Conventino is the Rosé of Villa Tolomei which envelops the nose mainly with aromas of red and black fruits delicately intertwined with floral fragances.


Villa Tolomei’s Chardonnay, the king of white wines, fills the palate with a fresh taste and delicious notes, making it one of life’s great pleasures. Gold in the glass, this elegant, smooth wine boasts rich aromas that can be paired well with a variety of food.

Olive Oils

Olive oil from Tuscany

Il Conventino a Marignolle undertakes daily to enhance the Tuscan olives. We invest passion and dedication to produce our superior category extra virgin olive oil, obtained directly from olives through artisan processing.

We offer only the best, so we offer all our guests our IGP certified extra virgin olive oil: because the quality of the raw materials and sustainable artisan production are the basis of the haute cuisine of our restaurant.

The vegetable garden

The vegetable garden is the basis of the cuisine for a Chef

It takes a guide to cultivate a vegetable garden, an inspiring muse. Ours is the love for the fruits of the earth and for the cuisine based on products of high quality and 0 km.

The vegetables, spices and smells that come from the land of Tuscany will season your dishes in a refined setting, tradition and territory once again become sophisticated and innovative here at Il Conventino a Marignolle.